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YT2U.com - Best Of YouTube: Ellie's Gymnastics Expectation VS Reality!

Category: Best Of YouTube

Ellie's Gymnastics Expectation VS Reality!

Category: Entertainment | Uploaded: 2017-Jul-09 | Duration: 10 min and 5 s | Likes: 15,876 | Dislikes: 2,665

Ellie shows you some expectations and realities of Gymnastics! Expectation VS reality of Competing Floor, Bars Practicing at home, Beam routines and way more! Please remember that this video is exaggerated for entertainment, and do not attempt gymnastics unsupervised. Thanks for watching! ~Ellie xo Music By: Kevin Macleod, Elias Naslin, Victor Ohlsson, Sven Karlsson, Kevin Anderson, Kalle Engstrom Sound Effects by Final cut pro Sound Effects iLife Sound Effects freefx.com

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Ellie's Gymnastics Expectation VS Reality!
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