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Samsung Chromebook Plus Review

Category: People & Blogs | Uploaded: 2017-Apr-21 | Views: 461 | Likes: 1 | Dislikes: 9 | Duration: 17 min and 12 s

Samsung Chromebook Plus Review Chromebooks have never looked so attractive. The Samsung Chromebook Plus brings style and utility to the category with a clean, eye-catching design, gorgeous 2400 x 1600 display, and great out of the box features such as the embedded stylus. Add in the full Android functionality at launch and you have the complete package. Often when we talk about Chromebooks we compare them relative to other devices on the platform, because their performance and utility always felt strained. However, the Samsung Chromebook Plus is not only a great Chromebook, but a solid laptop that delivers an elegant design, top notch display, and array of useful features. Samsung Chromebook Plus Build and Design. The Samsung Chromebook stands out amongst the bulky and thick plastic designs that plague the Chromebook market.The sleek silver aluminum casing gives the laptop a nice premium feel with a clean design. A chrome logo sits along the top left and silver Samsung lettering sitting just below that.

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