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Graphic Design Tutorial: How To Make A Ribbon In Illustrator

Category: Howto & Style | Uploaded: 2017-Feb-16 | Views: 255 | Likes: 13 | Dislikes: 0 | Duration: 9 min and 37 s

Learn how to make an arched ribbon in Illustrator using the rectangle, pen, and warp tools. The keyboard shortcuts for the tools palette used in this video are: V: selection tool A: direct selection tool M: rectangle tool O: reflect P: pen I: eyedropper Please let me know if you're having trouble creating this ribbon - it helps me to learn how to do better next time! Thanks! ➝ MY CHANNEL Subscribe if you want to learn about graphic design or specific Illustrator/Photoshop tasks! ➝ MY WORK Check out my Behance - I'll 'appreciate' you back :) ➝ RECENT VIDEOS 6 tips for graphic design freelancers How to find the best graphic design schools in your area 5 Things I Wish I'd Known as a Graphic Design Student ➝ RECENT TIPS/TRICKS Adobe Illustrator Workflow - 5 Tips for Speed ➝ TROUBLESHOOTING Why isn't your clipping mask working? (Adobe Illustrator)

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