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Linux Tutorial | Top 10 Beginner Commands Using Ubuntu 14.04

Category: Education | Uploaded: 2017-Apr-21 | Views: 30 | Likes: 0 | Dislikes: 0 | Duration: 7 min and 43 s

Top 10 Commands using Ubuntu 14.04 In Today's video, I'm explaining the top 10 essential commands for people who are just using starting to use Linux operating system ubuntu 14.04. Theses commands are very basic and easy to learn and I go through a step by step on how to use them. Follow me on social media: Signup to my monthly newsletter for monthly for free gifts, promotions, and E-Books and much more! Screen Recording & video editing software I use: Web Hosting I recommend: Thank you for taking the time to watch my videos, all feedback, likes and subscriptions are highly appreciated.

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