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ROS Tutorial #2.1: C++ Walkthrough Of Publisher / Subscriber Lab

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Apologies for the long video! Hopefully future videos will be shorter, since we covered a lot of the fundamentals in this video. This video tutorial contains a C++ walkthrough of the coding lab we discussed in ROS tutorial #2. In this tutorial, we talk about the simulated Turtlebot's odometry, creating catkin workspaces, creating packages, creating messages, and adding catkin dependencies. We also examine the ROS graph using tools like rosnode, rostopic, and rosmsg. Finally, we code a node that uses publishers and subscribers to report on what landmarks the robot is close to. We briefly discuss some development environment tips and how to fill out the CMakeLists.txt file appropriately. There's still a lot to cover, so more videos are coming soon! Thank you for all your support :).

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