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JavaPoet: Automatic Java Source Code Generation (Part 1)

Category: Education | Uploaded: 2017-Jan-17 | Views: 2,532 | Likes: 18 | Dislikes: 1 | Duration: 10 min and 45 s

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Learn how to automatically generate .java source files! Every Java developer eventually asks themselves "How can I auto generate Java code?" Well, I'm going to show you how in this tutorial by using a wicked library called JavaPoet. This lightweight an easy to learn API is a perfect tool to have on reserve. In this 2 part tutorial mini-series, I'll introduce you to the core concepts to JavaPoet like TypeSpec, MethodSpec, FieldSpec; their associate builders and to JavaFile to start off with. I'll demonstrate how to generate source code for a Class, constructor, methods, javadoc, code and logic withing a method using several techniques. We'll also cover the format placeholder specifiers like $S, $T, $N and $L which take auto generating java sourc code to the next level. Did I mention JavaPoet understands Types! Click on the link below to see the video ... Title: JavaPoet: Automatic source code generation (Part 1) video link: Title: JavaPoet: Automatic Java source code generation (Part 2) video link: Get the source code here ... If you want to see my other tutorial which uses a Custom Maven Plugin (using JavaPoet) in a JavaFX application, click below .. Title: JavaFX - Switching Scenes like the Boss (Part 2)! video link: For those interested in learning more about JavaPoet (which performs the auto-generated code in the plugin), click the link below ... Ask me A Question ... Subscribe to MVP Java ... Follow me ... Google+ : Facebook: Twitter :

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