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How To Play Minecraft On A Chromebook!!! (Only P.E Edition)

Category: Gaming | Uploaded: 2017-Feb-15 | Views: 61 | Likes: 2 | Dislikes: 0 | Duration: 10 min and 51 s

Tuesday February 14th 2017 (Uploaded the next day) So in today's video I will show u how to get Minecraft on a Chromebook. Now it is only P.E and a older version. You might need a mouse to play but really works. If you wear in the same class or same room as someone, than you can join there server. And yes I'm using Screencastifly cuz that is the only thing that works on my Chromebook and yes I am using a Chromebook. How to get it Step 1. Go to google chrome and than go to the Chrome Web Store Step 2. Once you get to the Chrome Web Store than look for the search bar right above the types of downloads. Than search "Minecraft Pocket Edition." After that scroll down after it has been searched and than find under apps a Super Mario themed Minecraft World. Click add to Chrome and than accept it. Step 3. Once downloaded open it up and go to the Minecraft settings. There you will need to make you'r name and do any settings u want. Credits: Into/Outro (Theme Song) ----------------------MDK Snowdown by. MDK Minecraft Noise------------------------------Mojang (Minecraft developers) Animal Crossing-----------------------------Nintendo (Developers of A.C) Thank you for watching this video don't forget to like, comment and subscribe and in till next time, BYE!!!!!!!!!

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