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DIY Clear Jiggly Slime! How To Make Giant Jello Slime!

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Hi guys! Today I am making a clear jiggly jello slime! I hope you guys enjoy! Love youu ➳ Subscribe for more videos! :) ____________________________ Previous video: NO GLUE NO BORAX Slime Recipes You've Never Heard of TESTED! 2 INGREDIENT SLIMES __________________ Slime Supplies: Elmer's Gallon Glue - Liquid Starch - Borax - Contact Lens Solution (2 pack) - Multi-colored Styrofoam Beads - Fruit/Fimo Slices - *Amazon affiliate links* ____________________________ Check out my other slime videos! How to Make Giant Bubblegum Slime! DIY Stretchy Big Fluffy Soft Serve Slime! How to Make Rainbow Bubbly Slime! DIY Tie-Dye Bubbly Fluffy Slime with no Liquid Starch or Detergent How to Make Giant Pearl Slime! DIY Shiny Shimmery Squishy Slime! How to Make Avalanche Slime! DIY Snow Mountains In Slime! How to Make Super Jiggly Giant Slime! DIY Jumbo Jelly Bouncy Milky Slime! How to Make Super Crunchy Bubbly Slime without Borax! DIY Satisfying Jumbo Bubbly Slime! Slime Playlist: ________________________ ➳ CONNECT WITH ME! ⇣ ❤ Instagram: @sandeecheek Slime: @pixiecheek Twitter: @Cheeksxo3 For business inquiries: _________________________ ➳ Disclaimer: It ain't no sponsored video. Cipher - Electronic Light by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist:

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