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पनीर रोल | Bread Paneer Roll | Tiffin Recipes | Indian LunchBox Recipes | MadhurasRecipe

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Please take a moment to like and subscribe ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ MadhurasRecipe Marathi Whatsapp Number - 9112934976 Paneer roll is another kids’ tiffin special recipe. Kids mostly love paneer. So do try it and get lots love from them. Do not forget to like, comment, share and subscribe. Ingredients: • 125 gm Paneer • 2 tbsp grated Carrot • 1 tbsp Coriander leaves • 1/3 tsp Roasted cumin powder • 1/4 tsp Chat masala • 1/4 tsp Black pepper powder • 4 Bread slices • Butter Method: • Take paneer and crumble it with hands. • Add grated carrot. • You can add veggies of your choice like finely chopped capsicum of different color, onion, tomato etc. • Add coriander leaves, roasted cumin powder, chat masala and black pepper powder. • You can add lemon juice or amchur powder or black salt instead of chat masala. • If your kids like hot, then you can add red chili powder or finely chopped green chili too. • Mix well. Paneer stuffing is already. • Take bread slices and remove their edges. You can keep the edges if you want. • Flatten the bread with rolling pin. Flatten it as much as possible. • Take paneer stuffing and make oval shape ball. • Put it on bread and begin to roll. • Apply a little water at the edges and seal them. • Heat up pan on medium heat. • Apply butter to rolls and put buttered side on the pan. • Spread butter to other side as well. • Keep the rolls rolling continuously. • Roast the rolls until those get nice golden color from all sides. • Turn off the gas and paneer rolls are already. • Transfer the rolls on cooling rack or jail for making fulka or naan and let them cool down. • Pack rolls in tiffin when these cool down. Tips: • If you pack hot paneer rolls in tiffin, these may become soggy or chewy. Click for detail Recipe - recipe/marathi-video-recipes Visit Facebook page - For Business inquiries please email us on Subscribe to my other channels Madharasrecipe MadhuraRecipe Style MadhuraRecipe Quick Enjoy my other videos टिफिन रेसिपीस | Indian Lunchbox Recipes | 4 Simple Rice Recipes | MadhurasRecipe 4 Simple Sandwich Recipes for Toddler and Kids | Sandwich box | MadhurasRecipe बटाटा पोहे / Batata Pohe / Aloo Poha by madhurasrecipe शिरा / Sheera Recipe / Suji Ka Halwa by madhurasrecipe | Perfect Desi Ghee Suji Halwa घावणे / अंबोळी Ghavne Recipe / Amboli Recipe / Instant Rice Dosa by madhurasrecipe भाताचे थालीपीठ | Bhatache Thalipeeth by madhurasrecipe | Rice Flour Paratha उपीट | Upit | Upma Recipe by madhurasrecipe | How to make Rava Upma गव्हाचं घावन | Gavhache Ghavan | Wheat Flour Dosa by madhurasrecipe | Breakfast Recipe शेवई उपमा | Sevai Upma by madhurasrecipe | Healthy Breakfast Recipe ज्वारीचं थालीपीठ | Jwaricha Thalipeeth by madhurasrecipe | Healthy Breakfast Recipe

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