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【MUKBANG】 Super Spicy Korean Ramen ! [ Double Buldak Fried Noodles ] 6 Cups, 4515kcal [CC Available]

Category: Entertainment | Uploaded: 2017-Apr-02 | Views: 13,269,710 | Likes: 139,191 | Dislikes: 17,127 | Duration: 10 min and 5 s

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[use CC to enable Subtitles] Hello, my name is Kinoshita Yuka ! I love eating. OoGui (eating a lot) is my channel's main focus. I often do a social eating live (Mukbang) Today,I ate a new Version of the most Spicy Korean Buldak ( heavily spiced Bokkummyoen ) Fried Noodles ( Ramen ) , 2 times more spicy than the original, That's why i used with it 400g of cheese and eggs, cola and more , All That is 6 Cups of Hotness . it was so spicy and hot like a king and Delicious in taste !!! ⭐️木下ゆうかオリジナルグッズ \(﹡ˆOˆ﹡)/ 【パーカーとマグカップが新しくなりました!】 ⭐木下ゆうかLINEスタンプ2でたよ!!!ᐠ( ᐢᐢ )ᐟ LINEアプリ内の、スタンプショップで『木下ゆうか』と検索すると出てきます! セカンドチャンネル作りました!∩^ω^∩ 木下ゆうかのゆるちゃん!/YukaKinoshita2 【はらぺこパズル】ごはんに恋をした [iOS] [Android] 【大食いYouTuber】木下ゆうか はじめてのPhotoBook 木下ゆうかPhotobook "yuuka" 定価:1250円(税別) 発売元:講談社 全国の書店の他、ネット書店で販売中! 木下ゆうか:“Yuka Kinoshita” Japanese ⭐️[[TURN ON CC FOR SUBTITLES]] ⭐️ Thank you Aphexx(@aphexx9 )-English subtitles Thank you Range o(@orange0204)-Chinese subtitles Thank you Waza_leji(Ieji_San) -Arabic subtitles Thank you Taejun Lee -Korean subtitles Thank you Jane-Korean subtitles Thank you miu sister-Indonesian subtitles Thank you Sony Boy-German subtitles Thank you 香港國のパンダ・M-Hong Kong subtitles Thank you 日本語字幕 Soraさん Thank you Jankes-Polish subtitles Thank you Yool Wie-French subtitles for supporting in making subtitle. If you've captioned/subbed one of my videos please inform me via E-mail. Thank you ⭐️エンディングなどのイラストは、ケイジェーさんに書いていただきました!(Twitter @K__j_344) 木下ゆうか年表 Thank you Mr. Range o! ⭐︎FOLLOW ME Twitter Facebook 大食いが不思議な方は是非この動画を観てください! I’m also a competitive eater as a job. Please let me know via email or comment if you have any requests what you want me to try or you wanna have a food battle with me! 素材提供 PIXTA お仕事の依頼はこちらにメールください(﹡ˆᴗˆ﹡) Please contact me if you have any job requests.

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