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Eng Sub) How To Make Fresh Cherry Cream Cake! ♥

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♥SUBSCRIBE THE SCOOP♥ If you like the video, please click LIKE along with supportive COMMENTS ♥3♥ Hello it's the Scoop♥ Perfect combination, Cherry Cream Cake! The taste of cherry, cheese cream, and chocolate really collaborated well! I strongly would like to recommend this cake ♥♥♥ How to Make Cherry Cream Cake No. 1 Round Size Chocolate Pound Cake Recipe 334F~350F 50 minutes (Please adjust the temperature and bake!) 130 g of salt-free butter-free butter at room temperature White sugar 170 g Cocoa powder 25g 2 eggs 1 vanilla extract (optional) Milk and cream 70 g 170 g of light flour 10 Decorating Cherries 20 Topping cherries 5 Puree cherries - 30g white sugar (boiled with puree) Cream recipe Cream cheese 200g 200g fresh cream White sugar 35g - Food coloring (red, purple) Whip the cream for 60% and stir the cream cheese to make a creamy texture. Mix the two creams together, use the 100g of cream to make cherry flavored cream :) If you use too much puree, cream might turn too watery, so use the food coloring to make cherry color. :) Dark chocolate 100g - Used in microwave oven Thank you for watching my video today ♥ Have a nice day :) "「The SCOOP」▶ Click to SUBSCRIBE! The SCOOP instagram▼▼▼ Check out 'The scoop' blog for more recipes!▼▼▼ Ice Cream Sweet Cookies Recipe ▶▶▶ No-oven Baked Desserts Recipe ▶▶▶ The_SCOOP's Special daily and Collaborations!! ▶▶▶ The SCOOP; Puppies, Mini mini Chihuahua ▶▶▶ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ★ Welcome to The Scoop's Delicious and Easy Baking Recipe Channel! ★ Baking / Lovely Cookies ★ Subscribe: ★ Go Watch A Playlist 'Every day 'LOVE The_Scoop' !' : ★ Follow The Scoop! - Facebook : - Instagram : - Google+ :" #DIATV

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