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HERE IS HOW TO DO SOME ONLY GOOD FOR FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM BASIC FAN FINGER FLICKING FUCKERY. Buy the Merch: Deck I used: Discord Chat : Follow me on Twitter: Support me on Patreon: Shit I Use to film (love tech but only need what gets the job done): Cameras: Main Camera: Secondary Camera: Mics: Snowball: Videomic GO: Videomic ME: Accessories: StayblCam: DJI Mobile: Galaxy S7 Lens: Joby Gorillapod Mobile: Joby Gorillapod: Lights: THANK YOU PIGCAKE PATREONS saku77 Mark Seelhammer Rich Korona Martien Brouwer Alban Tardif Eric chavers Charlie Phillips Joakim Amundsen Vladimir Luss Julius Moroz senna reid Ryuk Simon Matteson Rasmus Bøgh Poulsen Dempse Sbaiz James Marchlinski Sebastian C. August Heegaard Brian Connor Troy Smith Chrisp TS Eneko TheMasterBlint TradCafe Ross Montgomery IMPROVER Brian Skupien Miguel Ramirez Lucas Oliveira Adam Robson Tai Johnson Vernon Billy Hadlow Music by: Susboy (Please listen to the original in this link and f****** thank me for not blowing out your speakers)

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