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Cañas Recipe With Blanca In Galicia, Spain | The Recipe Hunters

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Blanca shows The Recipe Hunters how to make her mother's recipe for Cañas, a galician pastry consisting of a crispy fried dough cylinder filled with creamy homemade custard. To make the Cañas, you have to wrap small strips of dough around metallic rollers or cylinders and then fry them in the rollers to keep their shape (the same rollers that are used to make cannoli). Cañas which translates to reeds in Spanish, get their name from the river reeds for which the strips of pastry dough were originally wrapped around. After frying the dough, you fill them with custard and roll them in a bed of cinnamon and powdered sugar. Not only are cañas incredibly tasty, but the sensation of biting into one is unbeatable. Their sugary fried dough crunches away into the creamy soft custard, leaving you with the perfect contrast of consistency.  The traditional sweets originate from Carballiño, a small town in the province of Ourense, in Galicia, Spain. However, they are now famous throughout the country and can be found in homes and pastry shops everywhere. We definitely recommend trying out this fun Galician recipe with your family and friends.

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