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Raila On VIP Front Row; Ruto Dumped On Back Seat At Akufo Addo's Inauguration

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Apart from being dumped at the back seat at President Akufo-Addo’s inauguration, Deputy President William Ruto was never recognized by the new President as he mentioned names of those who represented their governments. Ruto never inspected the Guard of Honour on behalf of Kenyatta either. Besides, he arrived at night when everyone was asleep. The reason behind the bad treatment of Ruto at the inauguration is that the Jubilee government had invited itself at the event. In other words, Ruto gate crashed at the event and with no arrangements, he had to sit with the ordinary crowd at the back where he occasionally tried to spy on where Raila may have been sitting. To set the record straight, Raila was invited as a former Head of State (like Jerry Rawlings and others) while his role in the Kenyan Opposition had also been recognized by the in-coming Administration. President Akuffo-Addo shares three distinct features with Raila Odinga. He is 72 years, just like Raila while he had made at least three attempts at the Presidency, just like Raila who has made more than three. He has been a victim of election fraud, just like Raila. Before his inauguration, he was in the Opposition, just like Raila. The only difference between the two leaders is that Raila’s victory has been stolen twice by a Mafia cartel bent on stealing elections in order to steal from the tax payer. When asked why Uhuru had not been invited, a source said that the new Ghanaian President did not want his inauguration to be tainted with the presence of fake Presidents who had stolen elections and who refused to hand over power after election defeat. “It is for that same reason that President Museveni was also not invited”, the source said. Ruto's mission in Ghana was to neutralize Raila's presence but it backfired because while Raila was given VIP treatment as a former Head of State (Prime Minister) and made to sit next to Koffi Anan on the front row, Ruto was isolated at the back of the delegation where he sat quietly as he probably meditated on how Raila had managed to pull another coup on Jubilee right in Ghana.

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