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Mastermind Skill: Alexa Integration With Google Chromecast TV

Category: Howto & Style | Uploaded: 2017-Feb-11 | Views: 4,712 | Likes: 11 | Dislikes: 5 | Duration: 0 min and 37 s

Mastermind is the most powerful productivity skill on Alexa. This video shows how the Mastermind skill casts your photos, app notifications, text messages and incoming phone calls (Caller ID) to your TV that has Google Chromecast. The Mastermind Skill is available for download on the Amazon Alexa Skills store, Google Play and at the Mastermind Bot website at: ** Mastermind ** Connect and access all the core features of your smart phone hands-free, via voice on Alexa. * Cast photos and notifications to Google Chromecast TV * Sending and reading text messages * Hands-free bluetooth calling * Phone notifications * Find your phone * Caller ID * Casting photos and notifications to Chromecast TV * Battery charge levels, data usage stats and app usage stats * Turn on Wifi, Bluetooth and Do not disturb * Launch Apps * Start Google Maps navigation + more The Mastermind Skill for Alexa is available for the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Amazon Tap. Companion applications are also available for Google Play (Android Phones and Tablets), Chromecast TV and Google Chrome browser. Mastermind is powered by the Convessa Connected Conversational Platform. Convessa is the most powerful enterprise-grade conversational platform available. Learn more at Dan McCafferty and Nik Bhattacharya are Co-CEOs of Convessa and the Co-Founders of Mastermind.

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