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Real 4K HDR: Arrival 4K Blu-Ray HDR Review (Chromecast Ultra)

Category: Travel & Events | Uploaded: 2017-Feb-16 | Views: 32,993 | Likes: 140 | Dislikes: 4 | Duration: 5 min and 13 s

This is a technical HDR analysis of the Arrival 4K Blu-Ray disk. This review again took quite a long time to produce, so we hope you enjoy it. Buy it from Amazon: (affiliate link) Buy a Chromecast Ultra for your 4K HDR TV: Before you ask, YES the images and graphs are based on the 4K Blu-Ray disk, and NOT the 1080p disk. Our first HDR review for Star Trek Beyond - DI Colorist Joe Gawler on the Thoughtful Sci-Fi Epic Arrival - Arrival 4K discussion in the forums - To view this video in real HDR you need a 4K HDR TV and a device with YouTube HDR such as Chromecast Ultra. YouTube HDR is also available on some Samsung TVs such as the KS7, KS8, and KS9 series with up-to-date firmware. If you are viewing this video on an SDR (normal non-HDR TV) the color and contrast may not look correct.

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