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Easy Vegan Mac & Cheese Recipe (Gluten Free)

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Easy Vegan Mac & Cheese Recipe (Gluten Free). I have to admit that I wasn’t a big Mac & Cheese kid growing up. Whenever we had pasta at home, the only cheese on the table was the parmesan we used to put on top of the gravy. Although, I often put so much cheese, it could easily have been an Italian version of Mac & Cheese. When my friend Kim told me she had an easy vegan mac & cheese recipe made with potatoes that was gluten free, I was definitely intrigued and knew I had to taste this for myself. To begin making this gluten free and easy vegan mac & cheese recipe, start by roasting your potatoes in the oven with all the spices and flavors. During this time, cook your gluten free pasta now so that is ready to go. When making gluten free pasta, follow the cooking directions on the pasta as each brand is different. While the potatoes are roasting, start chopping the onions and garlic. Also, chop the peppers and remove the seeds. All these ingredients are going to be used to make our vegan cheese sauce. Sauté the onions and garlic in a pot, then add the peppers, potatoes, non-diary milk, nutritional yeast and vegetable stock. At this point, you can start to smell the sauce for our gluten free and easy vegan mac & cheese recipe. Now it’s time to get blending! Take the mixture from the pot and transfer them to a high blender and blend all the ingredients together and the cheese for your easy vegan mac & cheese recipe is done. Finally, combine the cheese and pasta and your easy vegan mac & cheese recipe is ready to enjoy! VEGAN MAC & CHEESE RECIPE: DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE SMOOTHIE GUIDE: SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL: FIT FROM FOOD APPAREL: FOLLOW KIM: CONNECT WITH VINCE * WEBSITE: * INSTAGRAM: * TWITTER: * FACEBOOK: * SNAPCHAT: thevincelia Music by Epidemic Sound (

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