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Compile OpenCV 3.2 Windows 10 (64 Bit) Visual Studio 2015

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compile OpenCV 3.2 windows 10 (64 bit) visual studio 2015 Compile windows 10 (64 bit), Visual Studio 2015, OpenCV + contribute Without GPU Open cmake Path of OpenCV source code (OpenCV master) Path to build folder (not inside the OpenCV source code folder ) Click on configure Insert the path of OpenCV contribute into “OPENCV_EXTRA_MODULES_PATH” C:/opencv32/opencv_contrib-master/modules Click on configure again Click on generate Open the “OpenCV.sln” file (the OpenCV project in visual studio) Build Debug and release based x64 Build install Main modules: core. Core functionality imgproc. Image processing imgcodecs. Image file reading and writing videoio. Video I/O highgui. High-level GUI video. Video Analysis calib3d. Camera Calibration and 3D Reconstruction features2d. 2D Features Framework objdetect. Object Detection ml. Machine Learning flann. Clustering and Search in Multi-Dimensional Spaces photo. Computational Photography stitching. Images stitching cudaarithm. Operations on Matrices cudabgsegm. Background Segmentation cudacodec. Video Encoding/Decoding cudafeatures2d. Feature Detection and Description cudafilters. Image Filtering cudaimgproc. Image Processing cudalegacy. Legacy support cudaobjdetect. Object Detection cudaoptflow. Optical Flow cudastereo. Stereo Correspondence cudawarping. Image Warping cudev. Device layer shape. Shape Distance and Matching superres. Super Resolution videostab. Video Stabilization viz. 3D Visualizer Extra modules: aruco. ArUco Marker Detection bgsegm. Improved Background-Foreground Segmentation Methods bioinspired. Biologically inspired vision models and derivated tools ccalib. Custom Calibration Pattern for 3D reconstruction cnn_3dobj. 3D object recognition and pose estimation API cvv. GUI for Interactive Visual Debugging of Computer Vision Programs datasets. Framework for working with different datasets dnn. Deep Neural Network module dpm. Deformable Part-based Models face. Face Recognition freetype. Drawing UTF-8 strings with freetype/harfbuzz fuzzy. Image processing based on fuzzy mathematics hdf. Hierarchical Data Format I/O routines line_descriptor. Binary descriptors for lines extracted from an image matlab. MATLAB Bridge optflow. Optical Flow Algorithms phase_unwrapping. Phase Unwrapping API plot. Plot function for Mat data reg. Image Registration rgbd. RGB-Depth Processing saliency. Saliency API sfm. Structure From Motion stereo. Stereo Correspondance Algorithms structured_light. Structured Light API surface_matching. Surface Matching text. Scene Text Detection and Recognition tracking. Tracking API xfeatures2d. Extra 2D Features Framework ximgproc. Extended Image Processing xobjdetect. Extended object detection xphoto. Additional photo processing algorithms webcam,video,motion,frame,edge,vector image processing with opencv 3 & c++ Find Faces , Modify Videos and Photos Automatically , Identify, Count & Measure , Realtime Augmented Reality Technology, An introduction to Image Processing, Tutorial Real-Time Object Tracking Using OpenCV, Face Features Detection System, Fast Object Tracking in C++ using OpenCV, How to install OpenCV and Create Sample Project in Visual Studio, Camera calibration With OpenCV, Chessboard or asymmetrical circle pattern, Installing OpenCV 3.2.0 with Visual Studio 2015 and configuring OpenCV project, OpenCv Stereo Vision, Machine Learning,Getting Started with Neural Network,Pattern Recognition and Application,Computer Vision Real-time Pattern Recognition using C++,Deep Neural Networks for Speech and Image Processing,Introduction to Segmentation,Deep Learning,Computer Vision & Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Camera Calibration, Optical Flow, Humanoid Robot, Image Processing, iOS developer, Augmented Reality, C++, Java, Matlab, keywords: digital image processing, OpenCV C++ Computer program tutorial, augmented virtual reality (augmented reality), deep machine learning, computer vision with C++ Programming Language, JSON, machine vision, opencv stereo camera calibration, optical flow, video analysis, Image Processing (IP) [OpenCV], Intelligent Systems, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) پردازش تصویر , روبوتیک , برنامه نویسی موبایل

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