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Козаки. Футбол - ЕПІЗОД №2. ІСПАНІЯ - нові мультфільми / Cartoon

Category: Shows | Uploaded: 2016-Aug-05 | Views: 378,709 | Likes: 644 | Dislikes: 321 | Duration: 3 min and 3 s

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There are rhythms of flamenco and the main derby of the season. Such alternative is possible only if you in Madrid. A guitar sounds, dancing beauty dazzle, and to the match is already late. But, all is possible. If... Title: "Kozaky. Football" / Animated series Episodes: 26 Duration: 3 min. Country: Ukraine Production studio: Animation studio "Baraban" Year: 2016 Genre: animation, adventure The crew: Screenplay by Anton Bazelinskyi Directed by Maryna Medvid, Volodymyr Myhaylov, Tetyana Pugachevska Production designer Eduard Kyrych Executive producer Eugene Tatarinov Producer Eduard Akhramovych Age: 0+

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