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DIY Lip Balm! How To Make 5 Miniature Candy, Oreo & Bubblegum Lip Gloss DIYs! {Easy} Makeup Projects

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DIY Lip Balm! DIY Miniatures! DIY lip gloss and DIY lip balm are great DIY makeup projects to make at home. In this DIY makeup tutorial I show you how to make DIY lip balm that you can make with or without eyeshadows and other items to tint your lip gloss without crayons. I'm making DIY miniature candy lip balm, mini Oreo cookie lip balm, Hubba Bubba lip gloss, Bottle Pop candy lip gloss, tiny laffy taffy lip balm and Blow Pop lollipops. I'll show you some quick, amazing and easy diy lip balm recipes. DIY Lip Balm - Supplies & Printables Here - The first DIY makeup idea I'm making is DIY miniature Oreo Cookie lip balm without using candy or crayons. Melt down some some Vaseline and mix with Oreo Cream filling - crush up some Miniature Oreo Cookies and add to melted mixture pour into miniature cups. Prank your friends and family when you pull out this mini Oreo cookie grab pack and apply it to your lips! Super easy and fun! The Second DIY lip balm that I made is a Hubba Bubba bubblegum lip gloss. For this DIY lip balm recipe you will need Vaseline Vaseline & eyeshadow pigment. DIY lip balm with eye shadow are super easy to make & you can make any color you want. Mix in some bubblegum flavoring and you have an easy bubblegum lip gloss. I know some don't like using eyeshadow so another version would be to make it with Vaseline and to tint the lip balm mixture you can use Kool-Aid. Kool-Aid is a great way to add pigment to your lip gloss & it smells amazing. Makes for a cool and easy DIY lip balm recipe! Do you love DIY Kool Aid lip balm? Another DIY makeup idea I'm making is DIY miniature candy lip balm (Laffy Taffy) without using candy or crayons and using an old lipstick. While crayons are a great way to give color to your lipsticks I know some don't like to use it in their DIY lipsticks, tinted lip balms & other DIY makeup projects. I will show you how to use lipstick that is non toxic & very pigmented. Making this way is a great ingredient for the DIY lip balm project. For this one just melt some beeswax and coconut oil along with a pink lipstick then pour the melted lip balm mixture into a DIY mold - then reuse a Laffy Taffy wrapper (recycled candy wrapper project - candy wrappers are so colorful I love to reuse them) and you have your very own amazing DIY candy lip balm! The Bottle Pop Candy DIY lip gloss is so easy, cool and fun. For this one I will show you how to make lip balm with candy. Yes, actually candy in this one! Mix together Vaseline and the powder candy mix and add a drop of food coloring for more of a tint. Place the mixture into the Bottle Pop container and make your friends jealous with this easy DIY lip balm idea! This is a fun DIY miniature baby bottle look a like craft idea. The last DIY lip balm is a Blow Pop sucker. This is a super easy recipe for this DIY lip balm - melt down beeswax or Shea butter & coconut oil - this is a no beeswax lip balm recipe if use the shea butter - then use a lipstick to color which makes this a great DIY makeup project to recycle your old lipsticks. DIY lip balm are such a great DIY makeup project. Making them miniature are even better! Try this fun DIY miniature Oreo lip balm, bubblegum lip balm, candy lip balm for some of these best DIYs ever! If you love Starbucks, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Fanta, Mountain Dew or other sodas....If you love McDonald's or Ice Cream is your thing then check out some of my other DIY lip balm videos - where I make DIY miniature Starbucks, DIY minaiture Coca Cola and so much more. Help me translate this DIY Lip balm tutorial: DIY Lip Balm! How To Make 5 Miniature Candy, Oreo & Bubblegum Lip Gloss DIYs! {Easy} Makeup Projects Ház tu misma bálsamo de labios {Fácil}! Бальзам для губ своими руками!{Просто}! Bálsamo para Lábios DIY {Fácil}! I hope you enjoy this DIY miniature lip balm video tutorial please remember to like and subscribe - Follow Me: ►Snapchat : KimspiredDIY ►Instagram: ►Twitter: ►Pinterest: ►Facebook: ►Tumblr:

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