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C++ How To Detour / Hook Functions Tutorial

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In this tutorial Solaire and Fleep Hacks teaches you how to write a Detour function. This is an important function if you want to learn how to hack games. If you have seen a PlaceJMP function this does the same thing. This source code is for internal game hacks, you inject a dynamic link library and call this Detour function to have the EIP jump to a seperate place in memory. Doing this does not modify the stack frame, save a return address or touch the stack at all. This is a simple proof of concept to detour or jump a section of code you don't want to execute. If you want to hook a game function you will learn how to do a Trampoline hook in the next tutorial! Check out our other videos for Counter Strike aimbot tutorials! Register and download the source code here: Please don't forget to Like and Subscibe for more videos!! Follow us on Twitter Like us on Facebook Support us on Patreon

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