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Bread Schezwan Balls | How To Make Bread Schezwan Balls

Category: Howto & Style | Uploaded: 2017-Feb-17 | Views: 486 | Likes: 19 | Dislikes: 0 | Duration: 3 min and 53 s

Bread Schezwan Balls is a mouth-watering treat that everybody loves. This is an effortless recipe, which can be a spontaneous party appetizer. It is a very simple and easy to make starter with minimum ingredients. It is one of the best vegetarian recipes when served with schezwan sauce or tomato ketchup. Hope you liked this recipe -- Please do not forget to subscribe to my channel 'cook with Ann' for more delicious and mouth watering recipes. Share this video - Let's have a look at the ingredients for Bread Schezwan Balls: Six Bread Slices 4 Cups water 1 Tbsp ginger garlic paste 2 Tbsp schezwan sauce 1 Tsp red orange food color Salt to taste Method -Take water in a medium size bowl and mix red orange food color, then soak the bread slices in the water and squeeze out excess water & shift the bread slices in another bowl. - Add Ginger garlic paste, schezwan sauce and salt. - Make medium sized balls. - Heat the oil in a pan. - Deep fry the balls for 5 to 7 minutes at medium flame. - Remove and serve hot with schezwan sauce or tomato ketchup. Music Source - Free to use -

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