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How To Make Fixed Positioned Footer In CSS And HTML Tutorial

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How to make fixed postioned footer fixed at the bottom of your webpage in css and html - by Learning Simplified. ========================================= This is the final part of the tutorial series of Advanced CSS tutorial for Beginners. In this part, we discussed the footer part of the template and explained how to keep it in a fixed position, at the bottom of your webpage. Lots of new things along with old ones are remembered in this case. Segments that are taught over here are: 1) How to make a mother wrapper with 100% width 2) How to create a main content wrapper into its predecessor div at a width of 1000px; 3) Creating linear-gradient background. Here's the link to the tutorial: 4) Creating an unordered list at the index.html 5) Customizing the unoredered list in stylesheet.css thus forming into a simple horizontal navigational menubar. In case you missed it, here's the link to the previous tutorial: 6) removing the border-right attribute in the last child element 7) Creating the footer headline in the bottom segment 8) The ultimate focus of this tutorial, making the footer sticking to the bottom of the web page, i.e., in a fixed position. 9) Making adjustments to the outwrapper to make every last contents visible. 10) Utility of wrapping up your contents into an outwrapper. =========================================== Questions: 1) What is px referred here? 2) What happens if no float attribute is defined in the list items while building menubar? 3) If I do not create the div with class name footer-content-top-menuholder-menu-content? 4) What effect could be seen if the whole footer content is placed inside the div outwrapper, insted of putting it outside the div? 5) What effect could possibly be seen if no last-child property was declared? 6) Why was the height of the footer-wrapper was commented off, while it was provided in the first place? 7) If we wanted our divs to be round-cornered, what possible changes would you implement and why? 8) If I do not use any web hack code, what possible changes can you observe in the display? 9) If I use uppercase or caps lock coding instead of lowercase one as used in the tutorial, what effects will you see in the html page? 10) What will happen if I use 'display:none' property in the footer-wrapper? Feel free to comment us back with replies. ============================================= Stay tuned to our channel to learn more: ===================================================== Watch for relevant blogs at : ===================================================== Our G+ profile is at: ===================================================== Twit us at: ============================================= watch us at facebook : ===================================================== If you liked our video, Like us, make comments, Shares and even SUBSCRIBE us. Thanks in advance for viewing. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners #12- Make a Basic Calculator" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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