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5.5. (Part 1) Property Tax - Python

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Starting out with Python, Third Edition, Tony Gaddis Chapter 5 Programming Challenges -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5. Property Tax A county collects property tax on the assessment value of property, which is 60 percent of the property's actual value. For example, if an acre of land is valued at $10,000, it's assessment value is $6000. The property tax is then 72 cents for each $100 of the assessment value. The tax for the acre assessed at $6000 will be $43.20. Write a program that asks for the actual value of a piece of property and displays the assessment value and property tax. Starting out with Python. Third Edition. Tony Gaddis. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bitcoin Address - 12uPbtoTBgxKG3ppxC2NSJYmmr5qipsbds Thanks :) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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