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Par Ek Din | Documentary | Jaideep Varma

Category: Film & Animation | Uploaded: 2017-Jun-20 | Views: 60,519 | Likes: 263 | Dislikes: 94 | Duration: 1 hrs, 28 min and 43 s

“Par Ek Din” (“But One Day”) is an 89-minute documentary film on a new music band from Mumbai that no one has seen or heard till now. They call themselves CityHaze and have a bunch of songs, yet to record them properly or even fully develop a few of them. The film showcases 11 of their songs in various stages of readiness, while carrying on a lively conversation about where they come from, where they want to go, and their discouraging present circumstances. This is a DIY film (shot in just 4 days for less than INR 1 lakh) made by the director of the National Award winning "Leaving Home - the Life & Music of Indian Ocean" with the self-imposed limitation of seeing just these 5 band members in the entire film, and no one else, with a small narrative experiment to quirkily expand the canvas somewhat. The film is subtitled in English. Please customise appearance via settings (we recommend font size 75% and background opacity 0%). These are the original tracks in the film: 1:36 Chhote Sheher 8:59 Nadiya 15:55 Baadshahat ka Khaatma (Living room) 18:44 8th February (Bedroom) 26:21 Dariya (Bedroom) 35:07 Badal Rahe Hai 44:56 Imaan 49:59 Cityhaze (EP) 53:31 Abdul (Living room) 57:13 Par Ek Din (Bedroom - solo) 1:03:32 Par Ek Din (Acoustic Jam) 1:12:05 Par Ek Din (Band Jam) 1:14:38 Beech Baithi (Bedroom) 1:16:57 Beech Baithi (Live) 1:18:10 Baadshahat ka Khaatma (Live) 1:23:34 Cityhaze (Live) Credits - Written & Directed by Jaideep Varma Shot and co-edited by Harshad Nalawade Associate Producer: Abhishek Gautam Executive Producer: Saturday Films Co-editors: Yogesh Dongarkar, Maulik Sharma Sound Design: Rameez K. Zubair Location Sound: Vishal Bhagwat The band's music is available here: YouTube: BandCamp: An interview with the band by - An interview with the director by - SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL LIKE US ON FACEBOOK FOLLOW US ON TWITTER

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