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Game Of Thrones Season 7 Trailer #2 Explained

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What does the new “Winter is Here” trailer mean for Game of Thrones Season 7? What’s the significance of the caves under Dragonstone? What’s Euron Greyjoy up to? Can Cersei kill Dany’s dragons? Is Jaime about to be barbecued? What’s Tyrion’s plan for Casterly Rock? Will Sansa listen to Littlefinger? Will Jon Snow survive the north? And will Cleganebowl happen? (Please?) This video contains spoilers for Game of Thrones up to Season 6 and Book 5. Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon: Alt Schwift X: Alt Shift ZZZ: Buy A Game of Thrones (ASOIAF Book 1): Buy ASOIAF Books 1-5: Buy The World of Ice and Fire: Buy Game of Thrones Season 6 Blu-ray: Created with Adobe After Effects and a Blue Yeti USB microphone: Images and video from Game of Thrones are the property of their creators, used here under fair use. Images from The World of Ice and Fire used with permission from Random House. Special thanks to Patrons Reverend Xandria, Cameron Weiss, Jason A. Diegmueller, @Vineyarddawg, @MrFifaSA, Michael Appell, Jason Rattray, Kate Lyons, Ryan Steele, Eric Louis-Dreyfus, Thee Stevie Franchise, Harry, Bobby Eales, Fred Petty, LightCraft Miniature Studios, David Howe, Matthew Elisha Williams, Jake Burling, Chris Amolsch, Chris Cole, Otter, Cregg Riley, Sean Ludtke, Triangle Wine Company.

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