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My Top 6 Google Chrome Extensions | Faster, Easier And More Beautiful #30DaysOfVideos

Category: Education | Uploaded: 2017-Apr-09 | Views: 192 | Likes: 7 | Dislikes: 1 | Duration: 7 min and 54 s

Instagram: Facebook: Website: Google Chrome is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) browser on the market and it's great. But you can have extensions which make it even better. Today I am going to talk about my top 6 (note: I use more than these, but the others only make sense if you are using the services attached to them so I just want to focus on these that increase speed, beauty and security). HTTPS Everywhere - More and more websites offer HTTPS as the safer way to browse. But not all automatically redirect you there. This plugin testes if the website you want to look at offers HTTPS and if so, it automatically uses that. Very useful to be a little bit more secure. Magic Actions for YouTube - YouTube is great but sometimes there are things that could be better. The Magic Actions Extension gives you some more customization options. For example you can automatically set a certain video quality as the default or auto wide mode every video. Momentum Dash - The "new tab" page is just not all that beautiful. But this can be fixed and Momentum is one of the best ways to do so. It features very nice images, a clock and some additional features. I personally use the Todo (lower right) for my big projects I need to have my eyes on and the quote is really nice . The other stuff I have disabled because it's cleaner this way. News Feed Eradicator for Facebook - Are you Facebook addicted? Well we all are. But this extension helps keep that in check. I find it super useful because I use Facebook more or less professionally but the Feed still gets me carried away once I open Facebook. This extension just removes the feed from your Facebook homepage. Browsing pages, managing ads and interacting with the chat or groups still works. I love this. The Great Suspender - This is incredible if you use way to many tabs on your computer starts to slow down as a result. basically it closes tabs after a certain time without closing them (they just use less memory after that) and at any time, you can come back to the tab, reload and it's all where you left of. But you have to be a bit careful: sometimes you typed something and the suspender still closes the tab - not good! Better double check that. Video Speed Controller - I love the speed control in YouTube. Being able to watch videos at double speed is amazing once you are used to it. But then I needed more and this helps me to watch in 3x speed. Also: it works on almost any HTML5 video! Mention: 1Password - I will talk about this program in a later video. But it definitely is one of my most used extensions in Chrome. My Video about 1Password: What are you fav Chrome Extensions? Let me know in the comments below? Please comment, share, like and subscribe for more. Let me know what I should improve and talk about. Let's connect. ================================================ Equipment: Up to Date Video Kit: Sony Alpha 7 II - Main Camera - ZEISS Batis 25mm f/2.0 - ZEISS Batis 85mm f/1.8 - Zhiyun Crane 3 - Gimbal - Sirui T-025X/C-10S - Tripod - Rode VideoMicro - On Camera Mic - Rode smartLav+ - Lavalier Mic - DJI Mavic Pro - Drone - iPhone 7 Plus - The Equipment links and links marked with "(aff)" are affiliate links (meaning I'll earn a small percentage of the price you pay, but the price is the same as you would normally pay). Buying something via these links will help me make more videos in the future. ================================================ Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Vision Color LUT Pack - ================================================ Email contact:

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