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【可以吃的指尖陀螺】用舌頭來轉動!DIY Edible Fidget Spinner

Category: People & Blogs | Uploaded: 2017-May-11 | Views: 389,281 | Likes: 6,351 | Dislikes: 185 | Duration: 3 min and 42 s

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Can eat fingertips gyro!? DIY Edible Fidget Spinner But also with the tongue to turn you played yet XD *** Set this question: What would have been transferred? [If you like this film, you can press the "new enlargement of the subtitle" a part to play Oh, grateful! ] Subtitle Help: ʕ • ᴥ • ʔ subscribe to become Boyou: https: // add_user = ylok999? Want to see more interesting movie to share support it! ;) -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------- Check out marbles' s ◎ Instagram: ◎ Facebook: ◎ Email: -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------- Other Comedy Series O O Mr. President: Disease bridge simulator: MOGEKO Castle: Puppy MUFFIN VLOG: "Marbles Dance Teaching Series": https: // v = -DxxDJWT_J0? "OculusRift a virtual reality game series": https: // v = AnJxvmOhyDg & list = PLOOHaug3F2YxOW5-dQrGUjb9Sp5hct3J8? "Cat Mario spoof game": https: // v = GVMfOdBj1cU? "Witch House Series": https: // v = 1DtGSpbiNY4? "OUTLAST pass before": https: // v = NvdOALRMLYs? "Happy wheels Series": https: // v = 8V9ACyKlH0M? "South park bad son Series": https: // v = MDTGeHQ2z6E? "Goat Simulator simulation goat": https: // v = WxXrCtiuzqQ? "IB Museum of Terror": https: // v = 8eQ74ZsZ_DQ? "The evil within": https:? // v = _xWY5O-WxSk & list = PLOOHaug3F2Yy7vKMGYTgsD2RCsgvvJC8E

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