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Physiomesh Defects Explained | Who Is The FDA Protecting? | Johnson & Johnson - Ethicon Hernia Mesh

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The Physiomesh has NOT been recalled! Should the FDA force Johnson & Johnson to recall the Physiomesh? Let us know in the comments below. C. Brett Vaughn RN, BSN, JD with the Hollis Law Firm explains the numerous defects of the Physiomesh to justify his error in believing that the Physiomesh was recalled. The Physiomesh was NOT recalled in the United States. Ethicon, a subsidiary of Johnson n Johnson simply "removed the Physiomesh from the market" officially known as a "Market Withdrawl." The Physiomesh was recalled in a country outside of the United States. Brett then explains the United States FDA's definition of a Class 1 Recall, Class 2 Recall, and a Market Withdrawal. To justify why Brett thought the Market Withdrawal of the Physiomesh was a Class 1 Recall, Brett goes through an excessive amount of FDA adverse event (MAUDE) reports to demonstrate what he believes are serious defects of the Physiomesh. Mid-way through the video (28:30) Brett tears the Physiomesh (a permanent life-long medical implant) into pieces. Brett then goes through even more adverse event reports on the Physiomesh and the sterile packaging of the Physiomesh. The Physiomesh is made of polypropylene (plastic), which is unable to hold up to the wear and tear of activities of daily living. Surgeons have been reporting to Ethicon (JnJ) and the FDA that the Physiomesh is disintegrating and disappearing inside of people. So..... Where's all this PLASTIC going inside of the body?!?! C. Brett Vaughn RN, BSN, JD wants to know why Ethicon (JnJ) hasn't recalled the Physiomesh. More importantly, Brett wants to know why the FDA hasn't issued a Class I Recall on Ethicon's (JnJ's) Physiomesh. Brett alleges corruption within the FDA and advocates reform of the FDA. Brett's parting message is clear, massive multi-national pharmaceutical corporations like Johnson and Johnson don't care about the general public in any conceivable way. Companies like Johnson and Johnson only care about one thing, their profits. Our courts throughout the entire United States aren't allowing high enough punitive damage awards to deter this type of behavior. Something has to change. Hitting a company like Johnson n Johnson for a few million dollars means absolutely nothing (Forbes list JnJ @ $338 BILLION). We've already endured the transvaginal mesh scandal. Apparently the companies weren't punished sufficiently enough to start caring about humans over money. And now we're going to pay the price, because the hernia mesh scandal is going to be orders of magnitude larger than the transvaginal mesh scandal. Not only is the FDA (Federal Government) seemingly on the side of companies like Johnson n Johnson, but these companies have lobbied ($$$) excessively all around the United States to enact Tort Reform, the goal of which is to make it harder for us to hold these companies accountable (sue them) for their blatant disregard of human life. Just look at St. Louis, Missouri, where JnJ has been hit repeatedly for 10's of millions of dollars for knowing that talcum powder (BABY powder) is a carcinogen and not warning about it... for decades! They are going to take away our ability to hold these despicable corporations accountable in St. Louis, because that's were we (plaintiff's lawyers) were having the most success. They are slowly taking away our options. It seems they already have part of the Executive Branch (FDA is part of the Executive Branch) and they are slowly eroding our judiciary. So what do we do? Yeah, we're suing them, but how do we prevent this from happening again and again? Corporations like JnJ care about money and their brand, their image. Share this video. Make their behavior known. If the Government won't protect the people, then we must educate them. Don't buy products from Johnson n Johnson (Johnson n Toxin) or Ethicon (Decepticon). If you liked this video, please subscribe to our Channel, we'll be doing more videos as time permits. For more information on Physiomesh and to see the documents cited in the video visit (Documents will be uploaded within a few weeks). Also more information on hernia mesh in general at

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