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Category: Comedy | Uploaded: 2017-Feb-10 | Views: 61 | Likes: 9 | Dislikes: 0 | Duration: 4 min and 10 s

Twitter: Today we talk about a serious issue... GET OFF OF FIREFOX YOU FIEND. Welcome to 2017, the place where anything other than Google Chrome is not accepted. We here at PlanetKyros (me, alone) want to bring you an enjoyable experience of realizing what you're missing if you don't run extensions on Google Chrome. Links Below :) Adblock: Honey: Password (DONT DO IT): VideoDownloader: Momentum: Filmed February 9, 2017. SUBSCRIBE for more :) Appreciate your viewership and would love to hear from ya! Comment down below a video that you think would be a good idea! Love ya :)

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