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How To Make Tom Yum Goong - Thai Spicy And Sour Soup With Prawns | Authentic Family Recipe #7

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How To Make Tom Yum Goong - Thai Spicy and Sour Soup with Prawns | Authentic Family Recipe #7 Amy from World of Thai Food present how to make a Tom Yum soup recipe that has been passed down in her Thai family over generations. This is authentic Thai home cooking at its best and easiest. We began uploading our first series of Thai Family Recipe on the 16th of June 2017 and this is our 10th published video. You can expect many more to come over the next weeks as we complete post production of our content. Our website will go live soon and at that point we will add the links to it here - that's where you will find our recipes. In the meantime we will publish the recipe below just in case some of you might want to try it out! World of Thai Food on Facebook: World of Thai Food on Instagram: World of Thai Food on Pinterest: Recipe: Tom Yum Goong Serves 4 400 g Prawns (Deveined, head intact) 3-4 cups Chicken Stock (750ml - 1l) 1 finger Galangal (thin slices) 6-7 Kaffir lime leaves 3 stalks Lemongrass 3 Coriander roots (save the leaves and stems for garnish) 6-7 small Shallots 6 Cherry Tomatoes 150 g Oyster mushroom 4 tbsp Lime Juice 8 Bird’s Eye Chillies (whole) 1 tsp Thai chili paste 1 tbsp Palm sugar 2 tbsp Fish sauce Garnish with coriander leaves. A license to use this royalty-free music by VictoryAudio was purchased from Gear used: Nikon D4 Nikkor 24-70 f2.8 G ED

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